Spring is in the air…

February 10th and despite a cold morning, with actual frost on the windshield (a fairly rare occurance in my corner of Brittany), I can feel spring in the air.  It is still a bit cold, but the sun is bright, the skies are blue, and I feel like I am behind in my gardening.  All sure signs in my book.  So many questions, things to decide.

Get a slide, or a roulotte for the kids?  My heart leans heavily towards roulotte!

What to plant?  Where?

Buy a tunnel?  Oui!  Where to put it?

What to do this summer?  Spain?  Staycation?  Road trip?

It feels like endless options at the start of spring!

I alwas seem to get antsy in Spring.  Since we moved fairly often in the past 6 years or so, I feel as if we should be gearing up to move again, even though nothing is on the horizon.  As much as I wanted to put down roots, I feel a bit wanderlust…  I find myself persuing for sale ads.  Not just any for sale ads, though.  Chateaux, manoirs, exceptional properties.  None of which are anything we could afford, but to dream a bit…




Author: ashleyenfrance

An American living in France. Read about it here.

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