A friend recently sent me a message.  She and her family have a vacation planned in Europe in a few weeks time.  Her concern is that they are doing something rash, irresponsible, or imprudent by bringing kids, to Europe after recent events.

It is pretty easy to say that I feel safe in my (very small) corner of the world.  Our village has maybe 2,000 inhabitants, the closest villages/towns are very similar.  The largest “city” near us is Brest, which isn’t very large itself- around 140,000 people.  I don’t feel in any immediate danger, though I do freely admit the tightened security at our small village school makes me feel a bit off.  New security measures were put into place; they are now locking the second gate until it is time to use it…  Talks of nuclear terrorism make me feel uneasy, but there is little I personally can do about it.

I do generally feel very safe.  Our community is close, people look out for one another.  And that is what we all need more of.  More watching out for one another, for one another children.  More checking in with each other, more love.

Bad things will, and do, continue to happen.  But I’m choosing to focus on the good, the light, the happy.  I have three kids, so an endless supply of laughs, and also, a lot of hope for the future.