And now we are 6!

Mid-September we welcomed our fourth baby into the world.  He is six weeks old and I think I have finally gotten used to talking about my son, mon fils.  Being the Maman to girls for so many years (nine!), I feel like I am programmed to calling out “les filles!”, so re-adapting my vocabulary is taking longer then a few weeks it says.

Our little guy...

He is absolutely gorgeous.  MrB and I really do make beautiful babies, that grow into beautiful children.  Some days it feels like we have no idea what we are doing, but I don’t think we are doing too poorly.  Overall our kids are sweet, kind-hearted, helpful and all around great kids.  We are so lucky.  Every single birth I am amazed at how my heart expands.  It feels like he has always been here, like his place was pre-destined.

I feel so incredibly lucky.  It is definitely busy, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.  It is also really neat watching the girls take on their role as older sibling.  Aria is the only new big sister, but Evie was only 18 months old when her little sister was born, so as far as she remembers she’s always had a little sister.  Lily was also only two when Evie was born, so really, this is the first time they’ve all really known what was coming before it happened.  And they all doing really well, I don’t think that any of them would change their brother for anything either.

I was really nervous about potentially having a boy.  I know how to be maman to girls.  I have girl clothes.  Girl toys.  Girl everything!  Changing has been fun and it lets me indulge my side that likes to buy things.

Everything has also been, well, easy.  I hope I am not jinxing myself by saying it, but his labor and birth were easy (I dropped the kids off at school at 1:30pm after having them home for lunch, managed to have MrB home, drive to the hospital, go in and have the baby before 4:30pm), nursing him has been easy…  It has just been absolute bliss.

I worked a few months as an English teacher before the birth.  I had worked towards that for awhile, but I think its left me with more questions then answers, so for now I am staying at home focusing on us.  And it feels right.