The fourth baby is born.  He is amazing.  Sweet, full of smiles, someone we can’t imagine living without now.  I think he is the light of all our lives now, nicknames abound for this little guy- Boss Baby, Arsou, Beau Loulou…  He’s not supposed to be spoiled, but somehow I don’t think that is going to be his reality.  Its like a non stop circus around here for him.  Someone is always singing a song, telling a store, showing him things…  But he does sleep through the night more or less, I think probably because he’s so tired from his sisters entertaining him all the time and driving around on errands all day.

He is such a great baby.  He charms everyone we see, the cashiers at the grocery store, old ladies out on errands, the teachers at school, the entire elementary school student body…  He makes parenting a baby look easy.  (Although, I do think parenting a baby is easy.  I am sure parenting a adolescent or teenager is a lot harder!)

I’ve gotten the hang of this family of 6 thing.  Its a bit more work then a family of 5, but really adding one more person to the mix isn’t that much work.  A bit more wash, and he does like to be in arms a lot so I’m still working to find my rhythm a bit for keeping the house cleaned and picked up.  It was actually a lot easier when he was tiny (and light) even just post birth.  I think once he can sit up alone it will also get a bit easier, he’s at that in-between stage now.  Next it will be a different stage and different difficulties, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Author: ashleyenfrance

An American living in France. Read about it here.

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