Our big, yellow, house

By a rather large stroke of luck, we managed to narrow down our search rather fast, found something that appealed to us, made an offer, haggled a bit, and here we are.  Just over a week from actually signing the paperwork.  Well, the husband.  It is a bit far to drive 1100 kilometers just to sign the paperwork, the train is a long, long day, and the plane is expensive (especially with 3 kids in tow!) so Damien is signing the paperwork…  But, voilà, a new to us house to move into right before the school year starts.

I only have a few rather crappy iPhone pictures of the house, but I hope (maybe, like every time I post here!) run a bit of a series on “this house of mine”, because we’ll be doing some work on it, to bring it up to our tastes.  It is rather stuck in the early 70’s right now, and not really in a good way (think, wallpapered ceilings, carpeted bathrooms etc…)  As inferred from the title of this post, the house is big, and kind of yellowish in color.It also has a rather large yard we’ll be working on, a lot, to just keep up. Again, the plan in a year or two involves chickens, a nice vegetable garden to go along with the fruit trees etc.

In short, I’ve got my work cut out for me! Stay tuned!