La Bretagne…

I was a bit worried before moving to Brittany.  I heard a lot of things before moving here, some great, and a lot that weren’t so great.  Above all, I was worried about the weather.  Oh, the weather.  One of the many idées reçues about Brittany is the weather.

While I always keep a parka type jacket in my car, because it is Brittany after all, I actually really enjoy the weather.  Brittany is a paysage of blue and green, soft and harsh, all at once.  The exact same spot looks different 365 days a year, dependent on light, season, weather.  It is a photographers paradise, a living water color that changes constantly.

It feeds my soul.  I can imagine generations, thousands of years, of feet walking the same trails, paths, rocky beaches.  I sometimes feel like I can see Viking boats land on the beaches, watch the Celts arrive after years of west word movement.  It feels to me like a home you continually rediscover.  An old manoir filled with secrets that uncover themselves over time.  The gray misty mornings are mysterious, and hauntingly beautiful.  From our house I can see fields of yellow, green, brown- like a quilt thrown on the ground.  Hints of celtic traditions peek through, whispers of ancient pagan traditions mixed with abbeys, churches and other traditional monuments that are a constant throughout most of France.

I find it to be magical, beautiful, haunting mix.  A place I think I could never tire of, a place I hope to continue to explore and call my own.



Author: ashleyenfrance

An American living in France. Read about it here.

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