January in Bretagne

After a lot of work, delayed deliveries, and worry, our renovation on this house is basically done.  There are still a few odds and ends to close out, but we are getting there and are more or less at the phase where it is up to us to button everything up.  We are finally on the phase of “unpacking” and settling.  Which has let to the phase of We Really Don’t Have That Much Furniture…  Thank goodness the previous owners left us a few things, I’ve been scouring LeBonCoin to fill in some gaps.  I think we may try Emmaüs as well.

January in Brittany has been gray, sunny, rainy, and not.  Some days we barely need a jacket (though a small sweater is nice!) while outside.  Other days it feels a bit chilly.  Our rain boots have gotten a fair amount of use.  All the puddles in our street are pretty heavy temptation on our walks.

I think it is fair to say I’ve baptized my (cooking) range, the girls and I are trying to get back into the swing of cooking and baking.  Six months is a long time to be in some sort of temporary situation regarding the kitchen!  I’m so very happy to no longer be cooking exclusively on two tiny hot plates.

I’ve been a bit worried about winter in Brittany- the region is beautiful, the people are nice, the girls like their school and are doing well.  We have a big home.  But I probably wouldn’t have picked Brittany as top choice, if we had had the possibility.  But, I think we will be ok, for all the reasons above, even if winter seems to drag out a little bit longer here.


Author: ashleyenfrance

An American living in France. Read about it here.

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