I, again, haven’t posted in quite a while.  I had started to write after the Charlie Hebdo incident, and my words felt, well, inadequate.  It lead to a lot of questioning, wondering what kind of world we live in, how to protect my children, what I am actually *doing* here among others…

And while I don’t really have the answers to any of those questions, I have resolved to keep on keeping on.  Not to cede to fear or panic.  To keep loving on my children, my family, my dogs.  It did though, solidify that I really want us to settle somewhere, anywhere, and stay put.  I’m tired of moving.  We lived near Metz for 18 months, moved at the request of MrB’s job, and have now been near Strasbourg for another 18 months.  And they’ve announced a re-organization, and, suprise, suprise, this time his job is concerné.  Meaning, he has to find another position in his company.  It is actually not a bad thing- I think he is ready for a bit of a professional change, and we’re hoping we can use this as an opportinunity to move closer to the head office, so we can stay put.  There are always many opportinunities there, as well as good furthering education possibilities.  I think I am just at the point where I don’t really mind *where* we end up, just that it is somewhere we can stay put for the foreseeable future.

So while we are (im)patiently waiting for news on all of that, life marches on.  Trying to plan for something when we don’t know when, or where is basically impossible, so I’ve given up trying as it drives me crazy.

Up next, (hopefully in the next day or so!), a ski trip to the Alps!!


Author: ashleyenfrance

An American living in France. Read about it here.

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