So much to say!

This past weekend, we had my husbands Grandparents in the region.  They are in their eighties, and very traditionally French.  So, I try to make rather traditional, sit-down meals while they are here.

Au menu

Samedi midi- poulet rôti, haricôts verts, risotto aux champignons (roasted chicken, green beans, mushroom risotto)

Samedi soir- velouté aux legumes d’hiver (vélouté of winter vegetables)

Dimanche midi- entrecôte avec sauce aux bleu, frites maison (steak, blue cheese sauce, homemade fries)

Dimanche soir- crêpes maison (homemade crêpes)

And of course, every meal is started with an apéro (Champagne when the girls great-grandparents come) accompanied with various bits and bobs, and followed by a light salad, cheese, fruit and dessert, accompanied with wine.  Coffee, and a small square of dark chocolate to close out the ‘lunch hour’.   It can be a lot of work, but oh, so worth it.  We end with a full belly, usually a lot of laughs, and having spent typically, hours, around the table.

It is one of my favorite things about France, the rituals surrounding meals.  I’ve gotten a bit out of the habit of these long meals.  With 3 little kids, they aren’t always easy to put together.  But I’m finding my rhythm as a cook, and I hope that even as our family of five we can start enjoying more long, leisurely meals, all courses included.

Dimanche soir


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