New rituals

The girls have a play kitchen in their room.  Two ovens, a sink, a box full of cups, silverware, ‘food’, and plates.

Every night for the past few weeks after dinner, we all troop upstairs, sit around the picnic blanket and order something from our waitress (Lily).  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, her cafe has it all.  There are grapes, donuts, french fries, all kinds of food to choose from.

My Wednesday activity with Lily this week was to make a menu for her cafe.  And old business card holder, some pens, pencils, and paper, and voila, a menu was made.  She *loves* it.  We all sit around, order, drink our tea, eat our food.  Evie plays along, the baby rolls around on the floor.  It is a beautiful, simple, way to end the day.  Together.  Having fun.  And listening to the giggles of my girls.


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